BLESSINGS by Mary Craig

'We all suffer, but never has the experience of how to combat its effects been so lucidly explained, nor the hope that lies beyond it so movingly illuminated.'
Delia Smith

'Mary Craig is an example to us all and I urge you to read her story.'
Dame Judi Dench

Mary Craig's moving account of how she found the strength to cope with the overwhelming problems of bringing up a profoundly disabled child, and how she survived when tragedy struck a second time, is one of the most outstanding autobiographies of our day. Against all the odds and despite her own crippling fears and anxieties, Mary found joy in the face of deep suffering by turning outwards to the needs of others, volunteering in the Sue Ryder Homes where concentration camp survivors enabled her to find fresh courage. Since it was first published in the late 1970s, Blessings has won various awards, been serialised on BBC radio, appeared in numerous national bestseller lists, chosen by several eminent figures as their book of the year, published in a dozen languages and been the focus of television documentaries in the UK and the US. This is an inspirational book for all who are struggling to make sense of any kind of suffering.

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Mary Craig's 'Blessings'




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